Jacob's Post Op

Jacob sits up on the road to recovery

The operation at BCH was done and Jacob was soon sitting up and moving around whilst still attached to all his wires and tubes.  We just wanted to take him home as soon as we could and look after him.

Jacob was able to come home in October although there was a strict monitoring process with trips backwards and forwards to Birmingham for test and scans to see if the tumour would change, get bigger or reduce in size.

The next few weeks were incredibly stressful but we had to be strong for our boy.  Jacob was so brave and has always been.

A few weeks passed and a trip back to school to see his friends gave Jacob a boost.  His friends all greeted him…’Jacob Jacob whats happened where have you been?  Oh I’ve got a brain tumour and I’ve had to have an operation’…and off they went.  (September 2014)

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