Jacobs diet

Since we received the devastating diagnosis for Jacob I started to review everything in his/our lives.  Why has our beautiful boy got an inoperable brain tumour?

You start to question EVERYTHING

I looked into every part of Jacobs life from his diet to what he was brushing his teeth with, the results were frightening so we decided to make massive changes in all our lives.

Diet – Jacob has a gluten, wheat, dairy and sugar free diet – I know this probably sounds quite extreme and possibly boring but I can honestly say he has the most varied, interesting, colourful array of flora and fauna on offer and I’m so lucky that Jacob has completely embraced this new way of eating.  Don’t get me wrong both our boys have always eaten healthily (nothing processed and lots of fruit and veg) but I’ve stepped it up a couple of notches!

It goes without saying that we only eat organic whenever we can (it is hard to stick to it when there isn’t an option, eating out is a problem) nothing processed, fish, bucket loads of vegetables, fruit and an array of nuts and pulses……oh and not forgetting salad (and lots of that!)

My moto is; buy whats in season, fresh, buy the best your budget will allow and if it looks good it will taste good!


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